Welcome!   Above are recent pictures of a RYDLYME Marine Descaler Flush.  The Descaler was circulated through the heat exchanger for 1 hour.  No rodding of the tubes!  No disassembly, cleaned in place! 

RYDLYME Marine is heavily fortified with wetting and penetrating agents which actually dissolves water scale, rust mussels, branacles, zebra mussels, tiger shells and other water formed deposits from water operated marine equipment. 

RYDLYME Marine is non-corrosive, but the application of RYDLYME Marine may expose pre-existing pitting, holes or similar damage that can result in leaks in pipes, equipment, and/or systems.

Use RYDLYME Marine at an ambient temperature.  Most RYDLYME Marine cleanings can be accomplished within an average of two hours or less.  Do not heat or circulate materials for more than a four hour period without consulting the manufacturer-APEX Engineering Products Corporation or calling us, Pacific Marine Products, Inc., for techinal information 360-509-3269.  

 RYDLYME Marine solution has the properties to be mailed or shopped by any private or commericial carrier without restrictions. RYDLYME Marine is non-reportable under SARA Title3: Sections 311/312/313 Categorization.  RYDLYME Marine does NOT contain any toxic creosols or other hazardous substances not listed in our current MSDS.  RYDLYME Marine does not contain any VOC's. 

Please use materials only as directed. 


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